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Metta Good Artisan Lip Balms
Metta Good Artisan Lip Balms
Metta Good Artisan Lip Balms
Metta Good Artisan Lip Balms
Metta Good Artisan Lip Balms

Metta Good Artisan Lip Balms

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METTA GOOD was created by Nicole Spear (an STL native) in San Francisco, CA in the tight-knit neighborhood of Bernal Heights. After her son was born she realized it was time to create the business that incorporated her passion for making healthy skincare products using whole ingredients into other peoples skincare routine. Nicole developed her signature lip balm recipe over a span of two years before she finally felt it was finished. This care goes into all her products and delivers a quality you can feel and trust. 

Handmade, small batch, artisan lip balms inspired by love and nature. METTA GOOD is kindness for your skin.

Available in: lemon palo santo, blood orange vanilla, rose cardamom, peppermint ecalyptus (non-tint), peppermint eucalyptus (orchid tint)

Beeswax from a sustainable bee-friendly farm, jojoba oil, avocado oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, paraben-free vitamin E oil, essential oils, and a lot of love! 

We buy local, organic, and fair trade ingredients as much as possible.

We believe in using pure and healthy ingredients and being transparent with our consumers. We do our homework so you can enjoy clean beauty without worrying about what is inside.

We believe that true love and kindness start with mindful practices that respect ourselves, others, and our shared natural resources.

We are committed to protecting the environment, promoting a healthy body image, and providing transparency to our consumers.

We donate 1% of our profits to nonprofit organizations. We plan to increase this percent as we grow.

We never use alcohol, fragrances, parabens, preservatives, fillers, palm oil, dyes, or toxins of any kind.